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Getting Started with the BCN Diabetes SMS Program

Step 1 - Register

Any mobile phone owner can create their own Free personal monitoring network by sending a formatted registration text or Email message, with the correct Field Code, from their mobile phone text message or email account to register@bcnmsg.com


Registration Message Format

  • *****************
  • All are required fields
  • BCNREG = Registration Service Code
  • FN and First name
  • LN and  Last name
  • ZIP and USA zip code or country postal code
  • EMAIL (Optional) Email address for Blackberry or Smartphone
  • PHONE = Members mobile phone number. The is a key security field as only the registered phone numbers will be able to access the BCN. USA phone numbers must be 10 digits (no dashes)
  • Smartphone or Email Registration Example :
  • FN Jerry
  • LN Green
  • ZIP 19010
  • EMAIL 8009037104@blackberry.vzw.net
  • PHONE 8009037104
  • *****************
  • Text Message Registration Example (can be all on one line):
  • BCNREG FN Jerry LN Green ZIP 19010 EMAIL 8009037104@blackberry.vzw.net PHONE 8009037104
  • *****************
  • Send to register@bcnmsg.com

Members will then receive a confirmation message showing that they are registered. After receiving the confirm message they can Create an Alert Schedule to start their FREE BCN Monitoring Alerts. 


Step 2 - Create Your Alert Schedule

Registered members create an alert schedule, setting frequency, day, time, and condition to monitor by sending a Activation message , using the message format defined below, from their registered mobile phone or email account to bcn@bcnmsg.com


Alert Schedule Format

We have setup a number of pre-defined reminder schedules for various condions. Text or Email one of the following Schedule Codes to start your monitoring alerts.

Note: Only one monitoring schedule can be active at a time. If you send more than one Schedule Activation code, only the most recent one will be scheduled.

Alert Message Types:

  • Text Message -SMS (Default - T)
  • Email (E)

Condition that can be monitored:

  • Blood Sugar (BS - Default)

Alerts can be scheduled:

  • Every other day (Alternate Days - Default)
  • Daily (D)
  • Weekly (W)

Message Format: BCNACT  + "Condition Code"

  • (All on one line with space between)
  • (Sample Blood Sugar Monitoring Codes)
  • BCNACT TBS - Alternate Day Text message alert
  • BCNACT TBSD - Daily Text messge alert
  • BCNACT EBS -  Alternate Day Email alert
  • BCNACT EBSD - Daily Email alert
  • *****************
  • Send to bcn@bcnmsg.com

To Stop All Alert Messages; Text or Email

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For more information, questions or support Contact Us at support@caryltech.com

"BCN Message Formats"

NOTE All users of the BCN Alerts Monitoring agree by use to our Terms and Conditions.

 To Stop All Alert 
 Messages; Text or Email

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