Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Why did you start this service?

I had an experience a while ago where a good friend had spent years caring for her daughter but had begin to develop medical problems that caused her to pass out at times. Being very independent and not wanting to be a burden to others she just needed someone to check on her daily to make sure her blood pressure and sugar levels where under control.
Being a techie I put my mind to work on seeing how a simple technological solution could be developed that would help. What I came up was the “Buddy Check” voice service. This is a telephone based calling service that automatically monitors your loved ones (Buddies).

Q. Who Can Best Use This Service?

This service is designed for:
  • Seniors that want a level of independence that comes from living on their own but stay connected with family and friends who can check in on them on a regular basis to make sure they are in good health.
  • Persons with medical conditions that, while not requiring hospitalization or nursing care, could benefit from regular reminders and monitoring. Caregivers who are responsible for daily care giving, family, and job responsibilities and want the peace of mind from knowing that there is a service that can guarantee that monitoring checks on loved ones are not missed because of a overly busy schedule
  • Working parents with latchkey children

Q. Can anyone use this service?

This service may not be a good fit for:
  • Persons with medical conditions that need round the clock nursing care unless they are in an approved medical care facility.
  • Persons with medical or physical conditions that prevent them from using a telephone.

Q. How does it work?

The Buddy Check Network will call your home telephone on the scheduled days and times you specify. It uses Speech Technology to determine if you are OK or need help. It does this by asking simple questions in natural speech that you answer by speaking normally. If you do not need help and answer all the questions then the Buddy Check Network will complete the call.

Q. What if I am unable to answer the phone?

If there is no answer when there should be, then the Buddy Check will call your primary contact on their phone immediately and notify them that you did not answer and direct them to contact you right away. The Buddy Check service will also send a reminder SMS text message to their mobile phone.

Q. Do I have to buy or lease any equipment?

There is no equipment to buy and maintain! The Buddy Check Network works with any standard telephone. No computer is needed! Persons with or without a computer can still be connected with the Buddy Check Network.

Q. Who can be a contact?

Anyone you set can be a contact. They can be family members, friends, or caregivers. You will set at least one person as your primary contact.

Q. What if my primary contact is not available?

If your primary contact is not available orable to  follow-up then the Buddy Check Service will call your secondary contact immediately and notify them that you did not answer and direct them to contact you right away. This will happen with all contacts in your network until someone responds or all contacts have been notified. The Buddy Check service will also send a reminder SMS text message to each contact’s mobile phone or email if entered.

Q. What if I need help immediately?

If you indicate that you need help right away then the Buddy Check Network will call your primary contact while you are still on the line and connect them immediately to provide the help needed.
If the primary contact does not answer their phone then the call will be transferred to the secondary contact and so on down the list. If neither one is available then a SMS text message is sent to both contact’s mobile phones and you can leave a voice message explaining your situation.

Q. What if I have to leave home for an extended time?

If for some reason you need to be away from your home for an extended period of time you can arrange to have the Buddy Check Network stopped for a period. Use our web site to stop and start your current calls.

Q. Is the service available at all times?

Yes. We use the power of the internet, mobile communications, text messages and email to enable you to family members and friens. Our facilities are able to provide 24/7 service 365 days a year.

Q. Can I hear a demo call?

Yes. To hear a demo Buddy Check Service Call dial 888-804-3624 anytime day or night.

Q. How much does it cost?

We have programs that start at $9.95 a month. Independence and peace of mind with our daily Buddy Check Service can now cost you less than $34 a day.

Q. What other services are you planning?

In the near future we will have transportation scheduleing, and BCN Voice Shopping.

Q. What if I need more information?

Please contact us at support@mybuddycheck.com  or send us a message here.

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