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It's 3:47 AM... 

Do you know how your loved ones are?

  • Did they take their medications on time?
  • Have they had a fall or near fall?
  • Are they having any problems breathing?
  • Is their Blood Pressure higher than normal?
  • Would they like to talk to a family member?
  • Have they forgotten their Doctor's appointment?
  • Are they experiencing any pain?

If you can't answer these questions

Call My Buddy Check - 800-903-7104

Our innovative, easy to use, e-Health suite of phone & mobile based services are just the answer you've been looking for to give you, family, and friends Peace of Mind by enabling seniors to stay independant, safe and healthy in their own homes!

My Buddy Check:

  • Automatically contacts help when needed
  • Provides Medication and Appointment Reminders
  • Helps track Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Weight, and more.
  • Does not require any special equipment
  • Uses your standard home or mobile telephone
  • Enables flexible calling schedules
  • Is very affordable
  • Sends confirmation text message to your caregiver's mobile phone
  • Transfers calls immediately when help needed
  • Keep family and friends connected with loved ones
  • Is easy to use

Loved Loved ones keep their independance while family & friends keep their peace of mind!

Register Yourself or a Loved One for a Free 30 Trial Today.


(WEP) Weather Emergency Program!

Personal Emergency Monitoring Program for seniors during severe weather!

Try Our FREE  Diabetes Management App

Lower your A1c using your mobile phone to monitor your readings

View Your Readings on any Mobile Phone!

Registered members can view their currently saved readings on their computer or mobile phone web browser by using this link: My Report Portal